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Trucker Overview

Trucker Plus is a flexible, ERP class IT courier system. All modules can be easly configured and combined so that they fit the specification as well as support the operation of any sized courier, postal and logistics company. When the need arises, we can modify or even add a whole new module according to individual requirements. Trucker Plus Software is dedicated to the comprehensive handling of processes taking place in any logistics company. Over 14 years, it was developed in close cooperation with carriers in Poland to meet their expectations. Therefore, it meets all the needs of a modern logistics company that is looking for an effective IT solution, ensuring better logistics management and ultimately lowering costs in every area of activity.

Trucker Plus Covering Complete
Operational Process

Trucker Plus Main Functionalities Modules

Trucker Plus is a comprehensive and integrated system that in terms of its functionality is one of the most versatile tools in the world. Serving the entire process that takes place in logistics and courier companies, from the process of obtaining and customer service, through the entire process of operational and logistic service on settlements ending within their modules will provide any functionality that you can expect from this class of system.
Regardless of whether you are international forwarding and logistics operator, providing fulfillment services or domestic courier services, or you have a Click & Collect network, the Trucker Plus system with its functionalities will be an ideal tool for every department in your company.

CRM for More Than Sales

Sales is, arguably, the driving force behind all aspects of a business. This means CRM can also be used to help businesses make informed, data-driven decisions in all departments like operations or accounting. When all aspects of the business are operating under one source of accurate information, operating costs can be properly accounted and controlled.

Operational Module. One Tool to Manage All.

We understand the specifics of operational processes and that’s why we are able to optimize them. We recommend solutions that increase process efficiency and reduce operating costs. A Tracker system allow you to manage all the operation’s couriers activities and control metrics and KPIs available in real time. Thanks to them you will gain control over all field operations thanks to the view of the situation on the virtual map.

Courier Mobile Application

An integral part of the Trucker system is an application for mobile devices in the Androind and Windows Mobile systems. The mobile application for couriers is not only a tool for handling the collection and delivery of parcels. This is an advanced application that allows you to manage the carrier’s work in its area, not only in the field of home delivery but also the handling of collection points and parcel lockers. As part of the basic functionalities, the application allows you to optimize the route of travel, organizing costs and working time, dynamic redirection of shipments to the collection point at a specific moment or decisions of the recipient of the shipment as well as acceptance of the payments for the COD service with payment cards.

Freight, Sorting Operations and Warehouse
Management Processes - Deliveries

The Trucker system supports the management of all transport activities throughout the domestic or global logistics and the supply chain. By combining ease of use with industry-leading features, they help you reduce freight costs, optimize service levels, and automate processes, so you can perform logistics operations faster.

The state-of-the-art optimization mechanism that automatically finds the best way to meet your logistics needs, while taking into account your business requirements and the capabilities of your trading partners.

At the Service of Collection Points
and Parcels Lockers

When you offer your own or outsourced PUDO collect points or Parcel Lockers network as a part of your services, the Trucker Plus system reliably handles the parcel collection and delivery process on first and last mile delivery. The system initially dedicated to parcel lockers will be able to effectively replace software provided by device manufacturers. Next to the standard functions of the Trucker Plus and the PUDO / Parcel Locker modules are shipments redirection management option linked with couriers mobile devices and dynamic management of capacity, which deactivate machine in an overload situation.

FIRST MILE SENDING PROCESS                                                             LAST MILE DELIVERY PROCESS
Including:                                                                                                        Including:
Fully dynamic price lists by:                                                                        Takeover by the access point (PUDO)

– geography                                                                                                      Consignee verification:
– service type                                                                                                    – consignee idnetification & authorisation code
– shipment parameter                                                                                    – consignee signature
Label creation and printing                                                                          COD (cash, card payment, pay by link  in email notification)
Flexible transaction payment and billing                                                  Shipment returns:
Management of handover by the courier                                                   – quick returns portal; ntegration with Merchant’s return site


When you offer your own or outsourced PUDO collect points or parcel locker machine network as a part of your services, the Trucker system reliably handles the parcel collection and delivery process on first and last mile delivery. The system initially dedicated to parcel lockers will be able to effectively replace software provided by device manufacturers.


Taking over delivery from a courier
Collection of parcels from the PUDO point by consignee
individual pickup code or his digital signature
COD support (option)
Parcels Return (delivery to the courier of notified parcels)


Handling parcels paid in the carrier’s system
Handling parcels paid at the point (option)
Handling returned shipments (consumer returns)
Release to the courier

Reports. A Full View of Every Aspect
of Your Business

The Trucker system provides more than 600 ready-made reports as a standard, in each of the dedicated modules in sales, customer service, courier operations, branch operations, connection and warehouse logistics, as well as in the settlement module. In any case, when you need custom reports for your business, you can be sure that you can easily create them within the data available in the system. The amount of data collected by the Trucker system puts it at the level of advanced BI systems, giving the user the possibility of active verification as part of dynamic and predefined standards reports.

Courier's and Customer Settlements

The billing module with clients is one of the most important modules available in the Trucker system. It allows for the automatic settlement of customers, couriers and external carriers, including full cash services in each branch that settles cash withdrawal services (COD) by couriers.
All transactions can be automatically settled as part of accounting documents and imported into any ERP system.

WMS Trucker

The Trucker WMS module supports the management of warehouse logistics processes throughout the entire supply chain. By combining ease of use with industry-leading features, it helps automate processes, so you can perform logistics operations in the warehouse faster, optimizing delivery, goods and shipping.

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