Trucker One
Size don’t matter. Your ambitions do!

Comprehensive software for small and medium courier companies operating locally in the Same Day model.

Trucker One Overview

You’re runing a local courier company delivering shipments and looking for a system that will follow the development of your courier business? Choose Trucker One and get one tool that reliably supports you in providing the highest quality local services.
Trucker One is a professional and comprehensive software dedicated to the local courier company. The system was created on basis of the Trucker Plus system. Knowledge and experience in providing IT solutions for the largest companies in the industry also enable us to develop software in terms of the real and current needs of the local courier company. We perfectly understand the needs and ambitions of the local courier company, which has its own courier network on the local site and provides domestic services in cooperation with domestic or international carriers.

By choosing Trucker One you will be able to effectively manage local courier operations by automating the entire process of handling local orders and courier work in the field. In the field of national or international service you will get a tool for managing cooperation with subcontractors. Trucker One is also the most powerful tool for managing the sales process of services and customer service. In the first case you will increase the efficiency of sales activities in each model, in the second you will improve access to information about the management of the customer service process. No more bureaucracy and a huge amount of resources to settle the process. Our system will completely settle all services for clients and couriers and will provide you with reports that will help you make the right business decisions. Choose a Trucker One system and develop your courier business!

Trucker One Main Functionalities Modules

Customer Management

The CRM module is extensive individual and institutional clients management, enabling you:

  • Customer card management, price lists, payments, offers and contracts, with full possibility of editing customer data, its categorization and history of broadcasts
  • Account history management of a given customer,
  • The possibility of topping up the customer’s account along with the option of postpaid billing
  • Managing access to the broadcasting system for the customer
  • Customer service module and reporting of interventions and complaints in courier companies.

Own Local Courier Operations

We understand the specifics of operational processes and therefore we are able to optimize them. We recommend clients solutions that increase process efficiency and reduce operating costs. The Disptach module enables:

  • Manage all courier operations in the field and control the quality indicators of their work
  • Send orders and transfer them between individual couriers
  • Track courier routes and the current position of couriers, making the courier’s current position available to its customers
  • Plan and manage courier districts with regard to postal codes or geotargeting

MobiCourier a Mobile Courier App

The MobiCourier application is an integral part of the Trucker One system available for mobile devices on Android and Windows Mobile systems, which enable each of your couriers install on your own mobile phone. The MobiCourier application allows you to:

  • Support complete courier process, pickup and delivery of parcels, change of statuses for individual shipments
  • Mass, bulk parcels lables scanning, thanks to an advanced scanning component used in app
  • Receiving or rejecting orders by courier and active communication with the Operations Center
  • Managing courier work in your area, by automatically or manually moving orders
  • Automatic or manual route planning in the city using route calculation algorithms delivered outside the Trucker One system
  • Monitor the progress of delivery by presenting him the current courier route.
  • The MobiCourier application will also support card payments, so you can now accept from consignees COD payments direct on your MobiCourier app.

Cooperation with Carriers

The operational module will enable you to manage cooperation at the operational level with each domestic and international carrier, including:

  • Manage parameters of operational process for all carriers
  • Access and delivery to Collect Points network.
  • Define your client’s price lists for the individual carriers


The billing module will enable fully automatic handling of payment processes, including payment for each service or monthly subscription formula, issuing sales documents for customers and exporting data to the accounting system.

  • Integration with any online payment system
  • Automatic creation of sales documents (invoices, bills) for customers according to defined periods
  • Automatic sending of documents to clients
  • Integration with the ERP system with the possibility of running individualized invoice numbering.
  • Extensive collection management module, along with the option of automatically sending orders to the bank.


The report module will provide full insight into the parameters of sales activities, operational effectiveness of carriers and the profitability of your business:

  • Sales reports regarding the structure and turnover of customers, their profitability and converters they use
  • eport of reported interventions and complaints of customers along with their processing status
  • Shipment report broken down into individual services provided by clients
  • Effectiveness and delivery times of individual carriers
  • Financial reports, including a report on the level of execution of downloads to customers
  • Estimating the profitability of the brokerage service, taking into account the prices of carriers’ services and the value of sales services

Customer Application

You will be able to provide your clients with an advanced web application available from your website to handle shipments and manage your account:

  • Managing the address book of recipients
  • Create individual and serial shipments for all carriers provided by you
  • Downloading orders from auction sites (Allegro) and online store platforms
  • Ordering couriers’ driveway
  • Track&trace module
  • Basic reports of shipment assignments with the option of printing them
  • Recharging your account or single payment of shipments
  • Downloading the sales documents you have issued
  • Administration and changes to your own account

WMS Trucker

The Trucker WMS module supports the management of warehouse logistics processes throughout the entire supply chain. By combining ease of use with industry-leading features, it helps automate processes, so you can perform logistics operations in the warehouse faster, optimizing delivery, goods and shipping.


When you offer your own or outsourced PUDO collect points or parcel locker machine network as a part of your services, the Trucker system reliably handles the parcel collection and delivery process on first and last mile delivery. The system initially dedicated to parcel lockers will be able to effectively replace software provided by device manufacturers.


Taking over delivery from a courier
Collection of parcels from the PUDO point by consignee
individual pickup code or his digital signature
COD support (option)
Parcels Return (delivery to the courier of notified parcels)


Handling parcels paid in the carrier’s system
Handling parcels paid at the point (option)
Handling returned shipments (consumer returns)
Release to the courier

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