A Mobile Application for courier drivers.

MobiCourier. Deliver Efficiently. Work Effectively

MobiCourier is a dynamic application dedicated to couriers & drivers within the Delivery and logistics industry. It has been specifically designed to provide reliable and effective support for each stage of the delivery process. It is available for any device running on Android and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Thanks to the use of smart route planning algorithms it is possible to increase efficiency by over 40% and it also helps reduce labour costs too.  Check how MobiCourier will help you deliver faster and more efficiently. Work smart, use MobiCourier

Mobi Courier Supports Each Element In The Delivery Process

Main Features

The MobiCourier Application Supports The Entire Courier Working Process

Shipment pickup from warehouse (scanning process in warehouse)
Shipment delivery to the customer
Delivery to customers address or Collection Point (Parcel Locker, Service Point)
Pickup orders acceptance
Shipment pickups
COD card payment function
Collect Point / Parcel Lockers operations module and functions
Courier settlement (parcel and cash register rep

Inteligent And Dynamic Designation Of Courier Route

Automatic selection of the shortest delivery route on all planned deliveries.
Automatically takes into account current traffic situation calculating  new routes estimating correct ETA
Navigation to the next stop option (local navigation
application eg Google Maps)
Notification prediction system (shipment
delivery time with option to redirect shipment by customer)

Our Application Handle Any Delivery Service Option

Support for the delivery service in each last mile model
• Consignee address
• Parcel Locker
• Collect Point
• Alternative address
Electronic signature of the recipient sent to the courier company system. The ability to verify the consignees with an individual code received in SMS

Last Mile Redirection Option

Fully operated by Consignee of the shipment based on SMS / Email notification system Mobi Courier automaticly receives information with new shipment destination address or Collect Point. All redirection options supported (alternative adress, parcel locker, collect point)

… And Every Pick-Up Order

FAutomatic acceptance pickup order with bypassing the dispatcher
The ability to verify the fulfilling on the truck or the number of stops
The option of accepting or rejecting pickup orders by courier with reasons code
Pick-ups released in every opertional model from:
From Sender’s address
From Parcel Locker
From Collect Point
Extremely fast scanning process and realisation of pick up shipments. Pickup on white labels or importing data from courier company.

Settlement Of Courier's Work

Daily settlement of parcels and cash registers reports delivered directly on courier’s device
Parcels delivered
Parcels not delivedred to be returned
Parcels in pickups
COD cards transations and cmount of cash to be returned)
Preview for monthly settlement of work and pay due.

Operation Of Settlements With Payment Cards For Cod Additional Service

Automatic settlement of COD card payments in the Mobi Courier App
Support for the most popular payment systems
Quick connection and communication between devices via Bluetooth

Operation in blik payments does not require using an additional payment terminal


Mobicourier Makes The Difference


Easy access to a highest class advanced last mile tool.

One tool for cooperation with a courier company.

Short implementation period. Increased efficiency and productivity is a higher salary option.

Reduction of CPU costs.

Improving communication HQ - Courier An insight into the current work of the courier.


Easy and fast implementation.

Technology that does not burden IT systems.

The possibility of issuing APIs with functions for courier company clients (senders / recipients of parcels)..


No costs for couriers in an expensive mobile device.

Easy implementation and integration.

No infrastructure maintenance costs (servicing, replacement, service).

Reduction of operational / administrative costs. Ready solutions for additional new / alternative delivery models.

Readiness to handle alternative settlements of card payments.

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