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Do you want to break boundaries and create new standards for your own IT systems? Looking for an IT provider with the skills to help you think outside of the box, delivering the expected solutions in accordance with your time frame and budget? If so, you’ve come to the right site. We are and we are definitely Open to your expectations

As a supplier of IT systems, you will find not only our offer of ready-to-use systems and applications but also options for individual specialized implementations that fit the needs and expectations of our customers. We are interested in implementing our software in all kinds of projects whatever it is and whatever the size may be small or large whether it’s customer services, or operational logistics activities for Retail, FMCG, Catering, Transport or the Service sector.

We guarantee to provide you with a ready solution in accordance with the scope of your requirements and also deliver it within the timeframe and budget you require. In addition, we also offer further support while the system is up and running. In order to create and install such a solution we need to begin with a thorough analysis of your system and it’s processes so we can gain an in-depth knowledge of how things work and what is required. This is expertly designed and created by a professional and experienced team with deep industry knowledge consisting of Business and IT Analysts, Project Managers as well as System Architects and a Development team.

We create software that  can cover all aspects of your business  as well as its agreed stages, such as functional specification, structure design, program coding, testing, implementation, user training and software maintenance. Depending on your needs, we can also ensure maintenance and further development of the delivered systems or applications.

Our Individual Project Approach



Requirement management analysis


Decision existing solutions / new solutions


Solution based on individual needs within a short release me time


Project Timeline Consultation


All work submitted is processed using the "Support Portal" tool, which is used to manage the team and the software development process. Every new functionality goes to the analyst and the system architect who decides how it is to be finalized. A dedicated project manager plans resources and determines the cost and the end date of giving work to the client. Large tasks are subdivided into atomic subtasks by the project manager, as long as all submissions are not submitted by the programmer, the project manager cannot close the main task. Each task is statused Developers are using the SVN version control system. Based on the Jenkins system, a development snapshot is published daily. We monitor the KPI performance of the team & SLA Tasks regarding contract with customer


Due to continuous development, we publish weekly updates of the system. In justified cases, we send a hotfix. Thanks to the distributed architecture, all updates are carried out without any downtime in client's processes.


Experienced customer support staff powerful on-site skills
24/7 country dedicated hotline support

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