Fulfill On-Demand Orders While Lowering Delivery Costs

Streamline your CPG delivery logistics while maintaining full operational control

Customers now expect fast and hassle free deliveries that arrive exactly when and where they need them. In order to remain competitive and viable, every brand with goods and services that need to be delivered must develop into becoming much more agile and efficient across their entire ecosystem.

Achieve delivery excellence across your FMCG ecosystem

Using our powerful delivery operations systems, FMCG brands can now easily meet and exceed the on-demand expectations of their retailers in terms of operational efficiency and customer experience. Our technology platform will help you streamline the way you deliver your goods and create the perfect frictionless experience for everyone – with full visibility for management as well as for customers.

Achieve Delivery Excellence
Across Your FMCG Ecosystem

Every single element of your entire logistical ecosystem works for your success. Be sure it’s working perfectly – just like Trucker System

Perferct Customer Expirience

Individual or business clients they want to deliver goods in time and place where they expect that they will be

Data on time and right place

Fast and easy integration with all your systems

Optimal Operational Efficiency

From operations to the drivers and all the way to the end-customer

Customers & couriers settlements

Fully comperhensive and automated. Always on time.

Advanced knowledge management

Know, draw conclusions and act more effectively

Key Benefits

  • Same & next day deliveries
  • Decrease in all delivery costs
  • Increase in recurring orders
  • Faster out-of-stock replenishment
  • Optimal route assignments
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Flexible & scalable allocations
  • Fully integrated with your systems
  • Full service & brand integrity
  • Complete visibility & transparency
  • Improved bottom-line, clear ROI

Industries Our Solutions Work

Couriers & Logistics

Solution for your courier or logistics company.

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Deliver and create a fully-controlled experience for clients.

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Meet and exceed the on-demand clients expectations.

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Restaurants Food delivery

Great service that arrives exactly when clients need it.

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Create the perfect frictionless experience and fully stage visibility.

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