The Most Efficient Way to Manage Your Complex Delivery Operations

Streamline your logistics in real-time and deliver the perfect customer experience

Customers now expect easy, efficient and speedy deliveries that arrive on time and at the designated destination they find most convenient. In order to meet these demands, logistics companies and services must evolve by becoming much more flexible and operationally efficient.
Achieve logistical excellence across your delivery ecosystem.
Whether you’re a courier, parcel & post, third-party logistics operation (3PL), 4PL, fulfillment or transportation company, Opennet delivery logistics software enables you to compete with the biggest courier and logistical players in the market. Deliver excellence in terms of operational efficiency and customer experience. With our support, you will grow fast!

Trucker – our key logistics operational system – helps logistical providers streamline complex delivery processes and optimizes their efficiency across their entire ecosystem so they can remain competitive in an ever changing and developing market. Our solutions enables couriers to keep a continuous and clear focus on their customers by creating a fully-controlled frictionless delivery experience with full visibility from their headquarters right out into the field and all the way to the end point – the customer.

Using The Trucker System allows you to easily manage sales and client services, operations & logistical processes as well as couriers and last mile deliveries, settlements, all parties and many more… Trucker is an ERP class system which enables you to manage every aspect of your business with ease.

Carrier Logistics Excellence

Every single element of your entire logistical ecosystem  works for your success. Be sure it’s working perfectly – just like Trucker System

Exceptional customer jurney experience

Senders, Consignees, Individual or Business... It’s all about operational excellence and satisfaction

Winning offer and sales efficient

More clients, more parcels, more effcient network

Every mile operational exclelence

More clients, more parcels, more effcient network

Customers & couriers settlements

Fully comperhensive and automated. Always on time.

Advanced knowledge management

Know, draw conclusions and act more effectively

Key Benefits

  • One comprehensive ERP class system
  • Covering all logistics company sales and operational activities
  • 3PL transport cooperation’s available
  • Courier Mobile application in all activities included
  • Warehouse logistics management fully supported
  • Parcel lockers and PUDO interfaces on first and last mile included
  • Settlements with clients with your ERP systems and bank systems
  • BI reports included
  • Fully complete visibility & transparency organization and process management
  • Flexible & scalable to every company size and volume of shipments

Industries Our Solutions Work

Couriers & Logistics

Solution for your courier or logistics company.

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Deliver and create a fully-controlled experience for clients.

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Meet and exceed the on-demand clients expectations.

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Restaurants Food delivery

Great service that arrives exactly when clients need it.

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Create the perfect frictionless experience and fully stage visibility.

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