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VSLS. Beyond the standard

VSLS is a company specializing in delivering special shipments to customers mainly from the banking sector. Supported shipments mainly include documentation provided to individual banking sector clients throughout Poland.

The delivery service provided by VSLS goes beyond standard parcel delivery and includes an extended, additional service procedure during last mile delivery such as:

  • setting up exact time of shipment delivery by the courier
  • verification of the recipient’s ID,
  • signing documents (usually contracts) by the customer,
  • completing additional documentation by courier
  • packing a return shipment
  • return shipment procedure in a branch office
  • annual reporting for clients (banks)

Furthermore, a number of additional services are performed according to the needs of the client.

The main challenges facing VSLS in terms of their presence in the market is ensuring a high measure of flexibility in relation to their clients. Compliance with security procedures is a high priority as well as adhering to strict delivery times and procedures.

With the acquisition of new clients and the rapid increase in the number of packages in the network, it became necessary to develop an operating system dedicated to client services and courier operations that can adhere to strict Banking standards.

As a result, VSLS chose the Trucker Plus system, which after it’s implementation in 4Q 2018, started working in its full capacity at the beginning of 2019. The scope of the implementation included not only the Installation of the OpenNet operating system but also advance web tools for business clients.

Challenges standing VSLS

Either a development or a complete overhaul of the IT system in all operational activities of their day-to-day logistics.

Providing modern solutions that ensure the expected efficiency of the entire logistics process that follows the increase in the scale of operations.

A complete new tool system for business clients, forcing necessity switch on.

Main decisions related to the system

One main transport management system (TMS) for parcel express deliveries, including sales, operations, communication, and billing modules.

Delivered solution

Trucker Plus system – complete

MobiCourier – mobile courier application on PDA

wMag – sorting center scanner application

aMag – warehouse mobile application

BI Reporting Module

WebTrucker – application for business clients

Trucker Web API

The result

One IT ecosystem supporting the entire VSLS courier business models, fully scalable in terms of handling shipments and new business development.

Improved sales management processes, and client services

A complete tool for managing all their logistic needs.

Industry: CEP

About VSLS

Polish nationwide company provide specializing services for bank sector clients.

Branch Offices – 43
Hubs – 1
Couriers – over 200

Services offered:
Local – 2-3 hours

Domestic Parcel Service– 1-3 days

International Service – depend for destiantion


Number of shipments:
2019 – over 5 mln (forecast)

Client voice:

“We are a rapidly expanding company, that’s why we need a solution that will grow togetherwith us – says Robert Sulich, president of VSLS – Trucker Plus is dynamically following our rapid business growth, which is absolutely crucial in the development of a company from the TSL industry.”



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