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Ambro Express

Ambro Express is a new courier and logistics company dedicated to servicing clients working within specialized industries such as the auto industry. Being a subsidiary of Ambro Logistics, a Polish provider of International Transport & forwarding services, it has access to resources such as a fleet of vehicles, a warehouse complex and a distribution network covering the whole country as well as drawing from 20 years experience in the industry. Ambrose express service includes parcel transport, in particular, non-standard shipments, which Ambro Express, view’s as an area for very positive growth.
Ambro Express has chosen the Trucker Plus system in its widest functional version, including a full trade module, an operational module for managing courier and transport networks, a logistics module supporting warehouse and sorting processes and a billing and reporting module. In addition, as part of the offered tool solution, Ambro Logistic decided to implement the WebTrucker application dedicated to customer service. The Trucker Plus system became operational on October 18, 2018.

Challenges facing Ambro Express

Providing solutions that ensure efficiency across the whole of their operations.

Being able to cater to the demands of any specialized industry companies that require dedicated needs. High flexibility on the Ambro Express website.


Decisions related to the IT system:

One comprehensive and integrated IT system enabling the management of all aspects of the organization that provide courier and transport services to the domestic market.

Quick implementation in the Agile approach, along with a prepared development plan corresponding to emerging business needs.


The solution:

Complete Trucker Plus system

pMag – warehouse scanner application

WebTrucker application

Trucker Web API (in preparation)


The result:

One IT ecosystem serving the entire logistics process. Focusing on the flexibility of the client’s needs (business broadcasters) delivery models, as well as being prepared to handle shipments and business development.

A complete tool for managing courier and logistics services.

Industry: Transport & Logistic

About Ambro Logistic:

Over 20 years of experience specialising in logistics for the auto industry. From 2018, providing express delivery services for non-standard parcels.

Resources (2018):
Branch officess – 18
Sorting Center – 1
LineHaul Network – 16 conections
Couriers – over 100

Offered services:
Domestic pallet and parcel Service – 1-2 deys

Number of shipments:
2018 – over 300.000
2019 – over 1.500.000

Client’s Opinion:

The Implementation of the Trucker Plus system took us less than 2 months. We compared different TMS systems, however, only Trucker Plus, delivered by OpenNet, proved to be the most versatile, modern and flexible operating system available. We are convinced that the Trucker Plus system will enable us to provide the highest quality  of service to our customers, with significantly reduced resources and improved processes and communication in the organization.!”

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