at, we believe in our solutions and the value that it provides our customers

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Here at, we are all professionals. We are confident in the high quality of our work and secure in the knowledge that we can develop the best business solutions for the needs of our customers. Our multi-threaded projects, for companies large and small, require from each member of our team the highest input. Therefore, we attach the utmost importance to every aspect of a project, beginning with the design stage, development, testing, the delivery, and implementation of solutions or equipment, the preparation of documentation right through to the warranty service at the very end. Every aspect is handled with attention and care. We are not a big corporation, but we have our ambitions! We want to expand our horizons and offer new possibilities and directions that our customers will appreciate. For each client, we offer new innovative IT solutions tailored especially to their needs enabling their business to develop in a highly competitive market. We know that when our customers grow so do we. So, if you’re a professional looking for an environment where you can apply and develop your skills effectively, we could be the company for you! Sp. z o.o.
Hiring in Latchorzew (Warsaw)
11-50 Employees

Software Trucker Plus, Trucker One, Trucker Broker, MobiCourier | IT Solutions for Couriers and Logistics, Retail, FMCG, Food Delivery and Services Companies |Individual Software Implementation | IT Consulting and Adisiory

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We are looking for exceptional, talented and enthusiastic people to join our growing team in Poland. If you aspire to be a developer, Opennet could be the place for you to jump-start your career. Our office is located in Latchorzew, West Warsaw.

Come and help build with us the world’s best logistics business software ever! Send us your CV and become a Team Member.

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