26 February 2020 Aleksander

Case study: InPost Couriers Have Increased Daily Deliveries By 10%

InPost wanted to drive business growth and improve its delivery service; it decided to migrate its couriers from consumer grade devices to Android enterprise grade devices for a future-proof solution, increased productivity and customer satisfaction, and long-term cost and time savings.


[Download the full case study]

InPost deployed the solution, working in close collaboration with both the Zebra Technologies local engineering team and OpenNet.pl. The OpenNet.pl applications were designed using Android Studio on Java; Zebra’s Mobility DNA enabled fast and easy integration and management of the software on the TC56s. The system is designed to support last mile delivery excellence and operations, and enables real-time data exchange with the Trucker Plus ERP system from the field. The solution consolidates all daily courier-related services onto one ergonomic, reliable mobile device: InPost can relay route guidance, customer information and other crucial data to its couriers, and real-time information relating to collections, deliveries, PODs, signatures, address label printing and routing is relayed back to InPost and the customer, via the customer portal. Couriers can also take card payments directly on the TC56 computers.

The Zebra TC56s, chosen for their durability, performance and usability, are protected by a three-year Zebra OneCare Comprehensive cover contract, which ensures any accidentally damaged units are repaired or replaced. And Zebra’s software security solution, LifeGuard™ for Android, means InPost receives extended security support and predictable periodic security updates, so extending the lifecycle of its devices.


• InPost has increased daily deliveries by 10% with the same number of couriers,
• Both the business and customers benefit from real-time parcel tracking and route planning, which updates regularly according to traffic conditions,
• This faster, more accurate delivery service is resulting in more efficient customer service, increased repeat and new business and, consequently, higher turnover.

[Download the full case study]

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