21 June 2019 Aleksander


Not Just only the last mile

One of the main problems faced by courier companies in trying to optimize the delivery process is the last mile. However, the pickup service of orders is also important. When both are Properly planned and automated they can bring big savings and optimize the courier’s working time. Smart tools that operate on the clients-central-courier communication also help this process. One of the most successful mobile courier applications is MobiCourier. Software offered by Opennet.pl, providing high-class IT solutions for companies working within the CEP and TSL sector.

MobiCourier supports the logistics process the moment an order is received.

Mobi Courier is an intuitive application installed on the courier’s smartphone or mobile device. It is designed for devices with Android 4.0 or higher. It is downloaded by the courier from the Google Play store and instantly changes the smartphone into an intuitive management center for the whole delivery process, enabling a courier to:
• pick up parcels from the courier company’s warehouse / accepting parcels for delivery,
• pick up order management,
• delivery to the recipient’s address or collect point (APM, PUDO),
• dynamic delivery routing based on current traffic situations and data updates from courier systems
• accepting payment by card or BLIK using the download service (COD),
• settlement of shipments not delivered or received in the courier companies warehouse,
• cash settlements
• Easy communication with the customer and the headquarters of the courier company.

Scan effectively several dozen labels at one time

The Collection of parcels can take place with ready labels or using data collected from the courier service system. MobiCourier allows fast and intuitive scanning of all types of codes (bar, 2D, 3D) using the inbuilt camera on the smartphone.

The whole application is responsible for advanced software that changes the phone’s lens into an extraordinary scanning tool. According to the manufacturer’s tests, it exceeds the standard scanners normal functionality, enabling the downloading of up to several dozen codes (as much as can fit into the lens), with different lens possibilities and more importantly scanning in dark conditions such as at night or unlit places.

Comprehensive service for pickup shipments

The application automatically issues a pickup order, omitting the dispatcher. Fast shipment pickup is possible in any model: direct from the sender’s address, APM (Parcel Locker) or PUDO point. Courier – from the application level – has the ability to verify the filling or number of alloys and the option to accept or reject the order.

An intelligent solution creates a competitive advantage

MobiCourier is operational in many companies. Its effectiveness has been repeatedly tested in real time courier operations, bringing immeasurable benefits each time: improving the efficiency of deliveries and also reducing the operating and administrative costs of the company.

MobiCourier enables easy implementation and integration with the operating system of any transport company. It does not generate infrastructure maintenance costs or the need to invest in expensive mobile devices for couriers.

This solution is a constantly developing model that is dedicated to the TSL industry. It is possible to add new functionalities such as additional delivery and acceptance models tailored to individual customer requirements bringing about more efficiency and capability in a competitive business environment.

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