2 June 2019 Aleksander


Background processes

On the surface a couriers job look quite easy but in fact behind them is a huge backstage of of IT systems guiding them from pick up to the drop off point and all these processes are vital and extremely important in creating an efficient service and all without paperwork! Communication between the customer-company-courier, parcel settlements, calculation of the courier’s salary or the handling of payments for COD (cash on delivery) requires the support of intuitive and reliable tools. One of them is MobiCourier, mobile application supplied by Opennet.pl – a polish IT company, providing high-class IT solutions for companies from the CEP and TSL sector.

MobiCourier – a simple way to organize and control the courier’s work

Mobi Courier is an intuitive application installed on the courier’s smartphone or mobile device. It is designed for devices with Android 4.0 or higher. It is downloaded by the courier from the Google Play store and instantly changes the smartphone into an intuitive management center for the whole delivery process, enabling a courier to:
• pick upup parcels from the courier company’s warehouse / accepting parcels for delivery,
• pickup order management,
• delivery to the recipient’s address or collect point (APM, PUDO),
• dynamic delivery routing based on current traffic situations and data updates from courier systems
• accepting payment by card or BLIK using the download service (COD),
• settlement of shipments not delivered or received in the courier companie’s warehouse,
• cash settlements
• easy communication with the customer and the headquarters of the courier company.

MobiCourier – a wise solution for every day

This solution dedicated for smartphones is an interesting alternative for courier companies that employ additional couriers for spades. Operators do not have to equip seasonal couriers with expensive mobile devices, the cost of which starts from 700 – 800 Euro. It is enough for new couriers to install the application on their phone, downloaded for free from Google Play Store. The cost of the subscription – depending on the arrangements – can be covered by both – courier and or employer.

MobiCourier – simple payment settlement service

Payments on delivery (COD) are a standard service in the process of delivery. MobiCourier allows automatic settlement for (COD) payments made by credit or debit cards. The application communicates with the payment terminal using Bluetooth technology and supports all of the most popular payment systems including BLIK, which does not require the use of a payment terminal. All couriers need this application on their phone.

MobiCourier – courier within the application range

During the courier’s work day large amounts of information is generated. Their proper segregation and automatic triggering of any transaction for example, communication between the courier and Headquarters, are the foundation of an efficient operation of any transport company.

MobiCourier allows the courier the ability to see all of his transactions and deliveries whether they be daily, weekly or monthly ensuring he has a full record of all deliveries made, settlements and method of payments. All this is available to him at any time making his work load easier and more efficient.The courier’s work is managed by the operating system of the courier company. It is possible, to constantly monitor of the courier’s work from the administrative panel and oversee the whole transaction process. The implementation of administrative functions is carried out using API methods provided by OpenNet.pl.

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