18 May 2019 Aleksander


Last mile problem

Despite more and more effective solutions, the percentage of undelivered parcels in the first attempt is estimated at 4 to 10%. This is a problem for all parts – consignee, e-store and couriers as well. First of all, the average Polish e-consumer loses 1 day a year waiting for the delivery of parcels. Secondly, the handling of advised deliveries generates almost 10% of the administrative costs of the courier company. What’s more, the courier loses over 12% of its performance due to bad route planning or lack of contact with the recipient. Thirdly, ineffective delivery is also a problem for the e-store. Even 68% of buyers resign from re-purchase in a given store due to bad delivery experience and the lack of alternative forms of delivery.

MobiCourier – the center of the delivery process management

Sotfware Solutions supporting the delivery of shipments are often complicated systems, requiring the courier to purchase expensive equipment. However, there are simpler and more effective ways of handling your shipments for example just by the courier using their phone. One of the most popular solutions of this type is MobiCourier supplied by OpenNet.pl, a polish company, providing high-class IT solutions for companies from CEP and TSL sector. It is an intuitive application installed on the courier’s smartphone or mobile device. Designed for devices with Android 4.0 or higher. It is downloaded by the courier from the Google Play store and instantly changes the smartphone into an intuitive management center for the whole delivery process, enabling a courier to:
• pick up parcels from the courier company’s warehouse / accepting parcels for delivery,
• pickup order management,
• delivery to the recipient’s address or collect point (APM, PUDO),
• dynamic delivery routing based on current traffic situations and data updates from courier systems,
• accepting payment by card or BLIK using the download service (COD),
• settlement of shipments not delivered or received in the courier companies warehouse,
• cash settlements,
• easy communication with the customer and the headquarters of the courier company.

Intelligent systems MobiCourier versus the last mile problem

Effective management of the last mile problem is ensured by several systems used in MobiCourier. The first of these is the Dynamic Determination of courier routes, available in the Trucker Plus system, with which the application is integrated. The solution automatically determines the shortest delivery route and updates it in real time, including the current situation on the road. The tool is also equipped with a recipient notification function, thanks to which the person who is waiting for a delivery receives up to date information on when the delivery is likely to arrive.

MobiCourier increases delivery efficiency by up to 40%.

The second system is the dynamic last-mile redirection, which fully supportsthe recipient in the shipment delivery process with SMS / e-mail notifications straight from our system. The Courier receives real-time notification of any changes in the location of the delivery address, which may be a APM (Parcel Locker), a PUDO point (Access Point) or any other alternative delivery address and then is able immediately respond and deliver accordingly.

How does this work?

Based on delivery addresses, the application will plan and display to the courier – in the form of navigation – the optimal route for delivery. If the situation on the road changes, for example on a part of the designated route there is worse traffic, the application will automatically propose an alternative route which allows the courier to keep on track with his delivery. The same will be the case when the recipient suddenly changes the location of the delivery. After receiving this information, MobiCourier automatically will update the previously determined route, proposing a new-optimal route to the new destination.

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