21 January 2019 Aleksander

VSLS – a supplier of specialized courier services chose the Trucker Plus system

The Warsaw-based VSLS company, specializes in handling correspondence between banks and their clients. Services are provided under restrictive procedures defined by financial institutions and the market regulator. In order to meet these challenges and build a competitive advantage in the demanding market of procedural shipments, an innovative, automated and personalized IT system is necessary.

VSLS chose the TRUCKER PLUS solution prepared by OpenNet.pl. The system allows management of every area of the company’s operations from sales, through courier and LH operations, to settlements and analytics ends. It provides real-time optimized logistics management on the first, middle and last mile, irrespective of the scope and scale of the company’s operations.

We are a rapidly growing company, that’s why we need a solution that will grow together with us – says Robert Sulich, president of VSLS – Trucker Plus is dynamically following rapid business scalability, which is absolutely crucial in the development of a company from the TSL industry.


The system fits perfectly into the strategy of a dynamically developing courier operator. It will ensure VSLS not only increase efficiency and reduce operating costs, but also provide its clients with the most modern solutions in the field of logistics and communication. Trucker Plus together
with the necessary changes adapting the system to processes, services and resources, VSLS has been launched and is fully maintained on OpenNet.pl servers. The implementation included data migration from the current system used by the operator.

The service of such clients as banks requires meeting very strict security requirements for entities from the financial sector. Therefore, the main scope of work included adjusting the system to the needs of a specialized service and related procedures – says Marcin Ciećwierz, President of the OpenNet.pl Management Board – It was possible because Trucker Plus is one of the most flexible and scalable IT systems dedicated to the TSL sector.
Due to the scope of services provided, VSLS decided on one of the widest functionalities of the Trucker Plus system including, among others:

  • WebTrucker – a web application for the VSLS business clients,
  • MobiCourier – a mobile courier application,
  • CRM module dedicated to all sales department activities and specialized services provided by VSLS
  • Dispatch module for pickup and delivery orders management,Customer and courier settlements modules, accounting integration along with cash services CRM and BI,
  • BI, reporting and administration module,Trucker WMS module for operating the central sorting center together with a warehouse module and application on mobile devices.

Trucker Plus is a system of complementary modules and it is possible to implement only those functionalities that are necessary for a given logistics operator. If the client has the need to implement, for example, only CRM, then there is no problem to do so – adds Marcin Ciećwierz – VSLS chose the implementation of Trucker Plus with a very wide functionality and thanks to that it will be able to fully use its capabilities.

VSLS offers services in the city, national and international services. It has a nationwide network of 43 branches employing over 200 couriers and co-workers.

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