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InPost streamlines deliveries thanks to Zebra Technologies and OpenNet.pl solutions

Zebra TC56 Handheld Mobile Computers with touch screen and the MobiCourier application allow InPost couriers to work faster and more efficiently every day.


Zebra Technologies Corporation has announced that InPost, a leading Polish operator of self-service parcel lockers, has started to use its mobile solutions. The company has 3,800 couriers across Poland all using the Zebra TC56 touch screen. They are equipped with the MobiCourier application running on Android and it enables them to perform parcel handling tasks faster and more accurately. Thanks to using this technology, InPost’s delivery efficiency has increased in some cases by up to 10%.


In order to remain competitive and satisfy customers requirements, the company has undergone a digital transformation, implementing the latest technologies and moving to the Android platform. InPost replaced their previous Windows tablets with Zebra’sTC56 model. The new devices are equipped with the MobiCourier application provided by OpenNet.pl, an independent software producer for InPost and a partner of the Zebra company. They specialize in comprehensive IT solutions for businesses operating in the courier and logistics services sector.


“For competitiveness and satisfying customer needs /requirements, the company has undergone a digital transformation by implementing the latest technologies. Couriers working in the field are the most responsible for the level of customer satisfaction, so we had to provide them with a suitable technological solution. Zebra TC56 mobile computers meet our requirements for durability, working time and safety – enabling our teams to work better and more efficiently. They are small, easy and convenient to use “– says Rafał Brzoska, President of InPost.

TC56 mobile computers are used to handling pickup and delivery processes by InPost couriers. They are reliable, durable and easy to use ergonomic tools that allow you to reduce the number of time & errors during delivery. The MobiCourier Application provides couriers with information on customer data, navigation and shipment data in real time, which allows one to optimize time enabling faster pickup of orders and shipments of delivery. The most important factor in the development of InPost is the continuity of operations and the ability to maintain predictable operating costs. The OneCare comprehensive service support offered by Zebra includes quick repair or replacement of damaged devices, which means lower cost’s compared to the Windows tablets previously used by InPost couriers.

“InPost is an innovative company that strives to meet the requirements of customers who expect flexible and easy deliveries” – says Jacek Żurowski, Regional Director of Zebra Technologies in Europe. “In this competitive market using the ” on-demand “model is a must for us”. Zebra adopted this model in order to meet the needs of InPost. Thanks to this they improved our workflow and improved customer satisfaction as well helped us maintain a competitive advantage. “



  1. Zebra TC56 computers with touch screen are used by 3800 InPost couriers. Thanks to them, delivery efficiency increased by up to 10%.
  2. The use of personalized devices using the MobiCourier Application running on Android enabled InPost to consolidate the workflow of couriers, and thus also to carry out a digital transformation within the entire organization.
  3. The contract for the OneCare comprehensive service support provided by Zebra ensures the company’s uninterrupted
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