18 October 2018 Aleksander

New version of the OpenNet.pl company site

Following the grow of IT specialized solutions, dedicated to logistics companies, we have decided to thoroughly change the face of the company’s website, so that it can easily display all the advantages of our company brand and offered solutions. In the new OpenNet.pl website, apart from the new graphic layout, new content appeared which we hope will bring all users closer to the functional scope of the IT systems, their application in particular industries and ecase studies of tens of previous implementations. For users, this means simplifying things.
Because the period of the 4th quarter for our company is always marked by the closure of most key projects and the limitation of implementation work for our clients, prepared for the seasonal “pik” increase, we decided to concentrate on changing our image during this period.

The Opennet logo has been completely transformed. Currently, it is more strongly exposed and has a more recognizable company’s signet ring. We believe that the abbreviation “ON” presents our readiness to work for all customers by communicating:

“Always available. Always ready to work. Always ON”

The OpenNet.pl logo has also been enriched with the claim “Software & Solution”, which reflects our perception of implemented IT solutions as always “pro-actively” setting the direction. The colors of the new OpenNet.pl brand, maintained in blue tones, refer to the modernity and advanced technology of the future, which we implement for our clients.



In the new version, the front face of our website has become more transparent. We are convinced that subdued corporate colors and discreet, clean graphic design do not distract the user from the content we place on our websites.
“Making changes to the website has resulted in not only a complete metamorphosis of the appearance of www.opennet.pl but also a way of our accessibility for all customers interested in our services not only in Poland but also all over the world, where we begin to manage our services. For this reason, in the first place we decided on an English-language version, dedicated to potential foreign ones – emphasizes Marcin Ciećwierz, founder and CEO of OpenNet.pl.

The functions of easy contact and through the forms and presentation of systems for clients within the agreed video teleconferences were also added to the change of the graphic page.
“The changes introduced to the site were intended primarily to facilitate Users access to the content presented on the site. We wanted the new site to be more attractive for users and at the same time show the range of solutions offered to new sectors and industries in which OpenNet.pl systems can be used. We are convinced that the new version of www.opennet.pl will contribute to strengthening the position of the IT system provider for logistics, but also will expand its scope to include clients from other competitive industries”- comments Przemek Jarosz, responsible for the implementation of the new website.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the new version of the website, available at: www.opennet.pl

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