25 September 2018 Aleksander

BLIK in the Trucker Courier system – Out Now!

Tpay.com, OpenNet.pl and Zebra Technologies have established cooperation in the field of developing payment solutions for the courier services segment. They start with BLIK in the MobiCourier application, which is a part of the TRUCKER system, which on ZEBRA mobile terminals will enable the acceptance of BLIK payments for parcels with Cost on Delivery (COD).

Production tests have just started. One of the first courier companies that tests BLIK payments on Trucker systems provided by OpenNet.pl. is a Warsaw courier company RIDERS, specializing in courier and logistics services, dedicated to ecommerce same day deliveries.

The payment card payment functionality provided in the MobiCourier mobile application has been expanded to include secure, reliable and currently popular payment methods on delivery. BLIK. The new BLIK payment method allows Raiders couriers to accept the payment for the download service directly through the MobiCourier application. From now, if for some reason the consignee did not have cash, will be able to pay his favorite BLIK payment method on Raiders couriers device.

Thanks to cooperation with Tpay.com, courier companies that use the TRUCKER system will gain an additional opportunity to accept payments from the customer. Credit card payments have already become standard, but require couriers to usually have a POS terminal or mPOS. In the case of BLIK, the payment is carried out directly on the ZEBRA mobile terminal owned by the courier, which speeds up the process, and does not require additional devices, and as a consequence reduces the costs of both the courier equipment and the time of his work. From that moment, couriers will only need the Zebra terminal, with the MobiCourier mobile application operating in Trucker systems and the recipient of the BLIK code – mentions Marcin Ciećwierz – CEO of OpenNet.pl.

In everyday work, RIDERS couriers are accompanied by robust mobile terminals from Zebra Technologies, which have been adapted to handle BLIK payments – added Jacek Żurowski, Regional Sales Director for Central Europe at Zebra Technologies. I am convinced that the combination of modern technologies – mobile terminals, applications MobiCourier and Trucker systems as well as Blik – will help courier companies, such as Riders, smoothly adapt to support more customers, speed up orders and deliver parcels as early as the first attempt – emphasized Żurowski.

Tpay.com is focused on innovation. We implement more and more projects that go beyond the standard eCommerce service. Our solutions and capabilities fit perfectly with the expectations of demanding partners, such as courier companies. A perfect example is the availability of BLIK in the MobiCouriers application and Trucker systems, which are another and new application of functionality provided by Tpay Fastpass – said Juliusz Stawiński New Business Development Director at Tpay.com

OpenNet.pl is a leading company in Poland, specializing in providing IT systems in the area of ​​logistics management for institutional clients, among others from the logistics industry. The leading product offered by OpenNet.pl is the Trucker Plus and Trucker One operating system, which is used daily in over 60 courier companies in Poland and Europe, including the second largest Polish operator, courier and parcel locker – InPost. Trucker Plus is the most flexible and fully comprehensive ERP system that supports all commercial, operational, warehouse, logistics, billing and communication processes in a courier, transport and logistics company. Trucker One is for software solution for small and medium courier companies operating locally in the Same Day model. An integral part of both systems is mobile application for couriers and drivers – MobiCourier – from now on complemented with the aforementioned BLIK payment functionality.

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