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BLIK payment for COD service now available on InPost

Customers who are still undecided about using online payment methods for their shopping  now have another payment option available to them. Using  InPost the customer can pay for his delivery by BLIK. This has been achieved through the  partnership between the Polish Payment Standard, InPost and the Tpay.com payment operator.

Cash on delivery service is still a popular payment option among many Polish customers. According to recent surveys , this method is used by up to 39 percent of customers. Couriers, however, are increasingly able to accept non-cash payments via a terminal or, as in the case of InPost , by using the Opennet  MobiCourier App on their mobile device. This app was especially developed to facilitate the demand  for a quick and easy payment process upon delivery. As a result, customers don’t need to have cash with them when the courier arrives.

Now, thanks to the partnership between PSP and Tpay.com payment operator, all InPost couriers can accept COD payments. This solution is for people who are still not convinced about the safety of online payments.

Cash on delivery in eCommerce transactions is traditionally associated with cash. We change this. One of the strategic priorities of BLIK channel is the maximum facilitation of online payments. We are consistently developing this process. From now on every user can conveniently pay by  BLIK for their courier delivery, without having to use cash. In this way, we want to encourage customers for non-cash payments. “This is another step forward after the recent payment of BLIK for parcels collected from Parcel Lockers” – says Monika Król, Vice President of the Polish Payment Standard, the BLIK system operator –“ Our transaction data shows that users appreciate BLIK payments on the internet. Since the beginning of this year they have made over 40 million payments. We hope that customers accustomed to using cash will soon  find out about  BLIK and move over to this kind of payment method”.

Payment by BLIK through InPost courier delivery is made in three easy steps. All you have to do is to generate a BLIK code valid for two minutes on the bank’s mobile application, then enter the courier code and finally confirm the transaction with your PIN in his mobile device.

MobiCourier Application Screen with Blik code Payment

We are the fastest growing courier company in Poland. In the period between January – October we recorded  a volume increase of nearly 50% compared to the previous year . Building on this we wish to increase payment options on delivery. Thanks to our partnership with the Polish Payment Standard, our customers will now be able to pay for collected shipments without the need to have cash in the wallet” – said Rafał Brzoska, Founder and President of InPost S.A.

InPost couriers can accept BLIK payments directly on the existing MobiCourier Application provided by OpenNet.pl in cooperation with Tpay.com on Zebra Technologies mobile devices. When the parcel is delivered the customer chooses BLIK payment, the courier enters the BLIK code provided by the customer and waits for the transaction to be confirmed on the customers bank application. It’s a simple, fast and a secure payment method. The entire transaction takes literally a few seconds and is much faster than the traditional payment method in use.

We already see that BLIK is working  perfectly in the world of eCommerce as demonstrated by constantly growing transactional statistics. “At Tpay.com, we are constantly looking for new areas where BLIK will facilitate making payments. Our partnership with Polish Payment Standard and InPost and the implementation of BLIK payments is a perfect example. I am glad that Tpay.com payment solutions answer perfectly the needs and expectations  demanded of us and which allow our payers to save valuable time. I am not afraid to say that from today millions of people have gained the possibility of using a convenient and safe form of non-cash payment, which is another big help in the development of making online purchases”. Paweł Działak, President of the Management Board of the National Payment Integrator S.A. – the owner of the Tpay.com brand.

Source: PSP

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